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Danielle Steel's Overstuffed Seadrift Cape Cod Asks $8.995M

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Looks like celebrity romance novelist and constant gardener Danielle Steel is parting with her Cape Cod-style cottage on the private stretch of Stinson Beach known as Seadrift. Built in 2000, the 3,425-square-foot second third (?) (oh, we give up!) home boasts four en-suite bedrooms, an oceanside solarium, two fireplaces, and a surprisingly modest amount of foliage out front. The ask, however, is rather WTF-inspiring: $8.995M for a nice but underwhelming Y2K home filled with overstuffed blue chairs, plaid throws, and pouty lip-cushions. We don't blame Steel—who reportedly spends most of her time in Paris these days—for dropping the ball on staging and/or leaving it to someone whose strategy for achieving a cohesive look was apparently to assign each new room a different hue of Play-Doh.

The lovely skylit kitchen was spared that fate, thankfully. Just down the road, a similarly sized beachfront house is asking a whopping $4M less, and honestly, this one's better looking. (We'd pit California modern wood ceilings against faux New England exteriors any day.) We can't imagine even the swooniest suitor falling for this tired bait, unless Steel is also throwing in some rights to her Chevalier of the Légion d'Honneur-blessed backlist?

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