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Phew: SF's First Cat Café Inks Lease, Construction Begins ASAP

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Things got a bit dodgy for a second, but San Francisco's first cat café, KitTea, has secured a Hayes Valley storefront and will begin construction soon. The café inked a five-year lease at 96 Gough Street (near Page) in Hayes Valley, and they were kind enough to send along a sample floor plan. Now they're waiting on permits from SF Planning and things are looking up. When it opens, KitTea will partner with rescue outfits, hosting around 10-12 cats in need of adoption by opening week, which is still TBD. Like a feline counterpart to OpenTable, the cat café will operate on a reservation system. As with everything else in SF, you may want to put your name in a month in advance! No word on whether this ginger in what we choose to believe is a Giants hoodie will be in attendance.

· KitTea [Official Site]