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Is This Sweet Little House Trying to Start a (Bidding) War?

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Set among the misty forests of Miraloma Park, this sweet 1920s Tudor feels a bit like a fairy-tale home. Its exterior is notable for a distinctive, steep A-frame and absolutely charming heavy wooden doors. Inside, a floor-to-ceiling arched window and a brick fireplace are the main selling points. The terraced back yard leads right up to the trees of Mount Davidson Park, which (luckily!) look mysterious and beautiful shrouded in fog. The three-bed, two-bath house is on the market for $1.049 million, just a tad over its 2006 sales price of $1.025 million. That may seem like a deal, but this appears to be a classic case of a low ask intended to start up a bidding war.

· 901 Rockdale Drive [Redfin]