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A Bold New Vision for Hunters Point That Doesn't Involve Condos

Tonight Paul McCartney will give Candlestick Park its sendoff with a concert 48 years after the Beatles performed their final show together at the 'Stick. Next year, the park will be demolished and plans by Lennar Urban to put up a mixed-use development with housing and retail will move right along. No matter the question, here in San Francisco the answer is always condos! Certainly every bit of housing helps, but that answer sure gets old, doesn't it? Here to imagine an alternative future for the park are IwamotoScott architects Lisa Iwamoto and Craig Scott, who have cooked up a scheme called SF RE:Made. Parts of their proposal were on view last year in the "Unbuilt San Francisco" exhibition at the American Institute of Architects' SF chapter. Theirs is a speculative, highly improbable (but also awesome and kind of delightfully crunchy) proposal that makes full use of the Autodesk suite to imagine a San Francisco that grows its own food, attends parties inside cranes, and prints out whole building components via grain silos repurposed to squirt 3D-printing medium. As Scott tells it, "The idea is that the level of making on a big scale that once took place along the bay in SF could return in a new way by reusing these structures that once were productive pieces of SF's industry."

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Candlestick Park

490 Jamestown Ave., San Francisco, CA 94124