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Are Renters to Blame for This $110K Alamo Square Price Cut?

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[UPDATE: The answer to the question posed in this headline is a resounding no, per the realtor. No renters here. We regret the error.]

This charming Victorian condo has three bedrooms and 1,603 square feet of living space. It's located just off of the Divisadero corridor and right around the corner from Alamo Square. And there's a lovely, leafy outdoor space out back. So why hasn't it found a buyer? The condo first listed in mid-July for $1.179 million but this week slashed its price by $110K down to $1.069 million. For starters, there's the oddly designed kitchen with very little counter space and a stove plopped rather haphazardly against one wall. There's parking for one car, but it comes at a hefty additional price of $350 per month. And buried deep within the listing is the information that the condo is currently rented out on a month-to-month lease.
· 1114 Fell Street [Redfin]