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8 Awesome Instagram Photos of Stanley Saitowitz's 8 Octavia

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[Curbed City Sites Editor Sally Kuchar snapped this pic of 8 Octavia over the weekend for Curbed SF's Instagram account]
For much of the past year, as 8 Octavia began its rise at the edge of Market Street, the perimeter of the building was inaccessible as the customary moat of construction passageways took root at its edges. Now, as units trickle onto the market (like this and this) and prices soar predictably past 1,000 per square, the jade-finned walls of the castle condo building are now approachable. Instagram is celebrating, for one, and we're joining the look-fest with a roundup of eight snaps from a pedestrian's point of view.

· 8 Octavia, Unit 505 [Redfin]
· 8 Octavia, Unit 501 [Redfin]

8 Octavia

8 Octavia, San Francisco, CA