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Hilltop Park Blasts Off with $5M, New Astronomy Theme

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Photo via Patricia Chang

Out on scenic hill in the Bayview sits Hilltop Park, which most days goes unused despite its views and potential to be a spot for the neighborhood to enjoy. Most of the play structures were removed in 2006, and the park has in recent years become deserted, with its 78-foot sundial and amphitheater generally empty. Now the park is scheduled to receive $5 million for a complete overhaul that will bring astronomy-themed playgrounds, a refurbished skate bowl, some sort of water feature, and outdoor exercise equipment.

[Photo via Patricia Chang]
The push for a remodel was led by Parks 94124, an advocacy group for the Bayview's Parks formed by four neighborhood women in order to improve the community. Landscape architecture firm Miller Company—the firm responsible for a rehab of the Conservatory of Flowers and the gardens at the California Academy of Sciences—is on board to design the park's improvements. Plans for public art will be finalized this fall after a series of community meetings. Construction is set to start next year and wrap up by 2016.

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64 Whitney Young Cir, San Francisco, CA 94124