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Conservation of Cash: Nab a Potrero Eco-Home for 2010 Prices

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Architect James Phillip Wright is best known for his Beverley Hills mansions and Malibu beach bungalows, but he also is also devoted to designing less extravagant but no less beautiful eco-friendly houses. Potrero Hill's 2311 19th Street was one of Wright's first environmentally conscious projects and won a California Home + Design award for eco-friendly architecture. The 3-bed, 3.5-bath house incorporates environmental functionality into its beauty. It uses engineered lumber that is more durable than normal wood for its exposed beams, and its massive, view-friendly windows are also temperature controlled. There are also four terraces, two fireplaces, and a feature penthouse room. The house is asking $2.195, the same price that it listed for back in 2010, when it failed to sell. We imagine that it will have better luck this time around.
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