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Joe Montana Huddles with NBBJ on New Levi's Stadium Complex

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A massive new $400 million development is being planned less than the length of a football field away from Santa Clara's new Levi's Stadium, which is now officially open just in time for 49ers' fall season. The proposed project, called Santa Clara Centennial Gateway, will transform a parking lot into a mixed-use commercial and entertainment complex with 430,000 square feet of office space, 120,000 square feet of retail, and a 250-room boutique hotel on a 9.5-acre site. The development is a joint venture between 49ers great Joe Montana's Montana Property Group and Lowe Enterprises, and Joe Montana will also open one of his signature restaurants on-site. Global design agency NBBJ—the firm responsible for megaprojects like the upcoming new Googleplex and Seattle's Amazon headquarters—is on board as the Gateway's master planner. An environmental impact report is currently under way, with groundbreaking expected mid-next year and an opening slated for 2017.
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