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Waterfront Watch: Pier 70 Gears Up for Construction and a Vote

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Pier 70 is undoubtedly one of the more complicated development projects proposed for San Francisco at the moment. There are two developers working on two separate parts of the pier. Orton Development is gearing up for a September 1 start date on the $100 million rehabilitation of six old industrial and office buildings along 20th Street, south of Mission Bay. Come 2016, those structures will reopen as office, light industrial, and flex space. Meanwhile, Forest City is getting ready for a November vote on Proposition F, in which voters will decide whether current 40-foot height limits can be raised to 90 feet for a 28-acre portion of the site.

Local neighborhood groups, including Potrero Boosters, have expressed support for Forest City's proposal of 2,000 units—including 30 percent below market rate—nine acres of parks, space for artists, and retail. Adding yet another layer of uncertainty to the Forest City part of the development, the California State Lands Commission has filed suit challenging the right of voters to decide on waterfront development because California has final authority over San Francisco's waterfront. Only one thing seems certain: Pier 70, long inaccessible to the public, will almost definitely look very different in the years to come.

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