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Eureka Valley Edwardian Dumps Edward for Someone Richer

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Because flippers will not rest until all of San Francisco's homelier neighborhoods look like South Beach condos, this two-unit building in Eureka Valley just sold for $2.8M, after going for less than half that price last year. Flippers picked up the 1900-era property for a scant $1.2M in April 2013 and quickly set to work stripping all the age, neglect, and, sigh, character out of the two units. Kitchens were scrapped, bathrooms de-purpled (we'll give them that one!), and dark wood floors got bleached like unwanted hair. Now the after photos reveal a confrontational amount of cove lighting and a facade that's an unnatural shade of lilac. Don't ask what happened to the lovely white-masonry fireplace (not pictured), because we can't find a trace of it in the after photos. The airbrushed look is apparently very in, because this now ex-Edwardian spent all of a week on the market before going for $152K more than the asking price of $2.648M.

· 487-489 Noe St [Redfin]