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It Ain't Over Yet: Long-Stalled Mission Condos Up for Approval

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seven-story building with 84 72 condo units

has been hung up with problems over the past four years, including compatibility issues with the adjacent landmark Redstone Building and soil contamination. The proposed project from Forum Design and Smith + Smith Landscape will have 42 2BRs and 30 1BRs with 655 sq.ft. of ground-floor retail, 48 parking spots, 83 bike spots, courtyards, and a roof deck. After all that hullabaloo over whether to do an EIR or not, Planning staff decided the project meets the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan and separate review isn't required. There's been a boatload of public comments already on both sides of the fence, so this should be a heated hearing tomorrow. · Large Project Authorization - 490 South Van Ness [SF Planning]
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