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Iffy Remodel Tests the Outer Limits of Prices in Inner Sunset

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Does spending wads of cash ever pay? Here's a 5-bed, 6-bath
single-family home in the Inner Sunset that offers square footage in bulk. Listed for $2.895M—that's more than $1M over the neighborhood's median list price of $1.795M—this live-in behemoth nevertheless comes in at a rather modest $654 per square thanks to its 4,425 square feet of girth. Like all quasi-bargains, this one is sort of a mixed blessing, because in exchange for overpaying for the neighborhood, you get a Tudor revival (yay) that's been partly beaten back into oblivion (nooo) after a hodgepodge of a remodel that feels much more Home Depot than Home Nations. God save the Queen! · 1392 7th Ave [Redfin]