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Summit 800 Is Bringing 182 Homes to Lake Merced

Just south of Parkmerced, Maracor and Comstock Homes are transforming a 7.7 acre parcel of undeveloped land in to 182 new townhomes. The housing development, dubbed Summit 800, was first proposed in 2002 and was finally approved in 2005. Some criticized the development for its intrusion on San Francisco's road of churches on Brotherhood way, but concerns over the city's housing crisis allowed the project to move forward. A feng shui consultant was even brought in to bless the site at the official groundbreaking, possibly to fend off negative vibes that could spoil the site's potential. Details and floor plans for all of the units are available on the project's website. Pricing is still up in the air, but it's safe to assume that the homes won't come cheap. The first phase of the development should wrap up by next year.
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Lake Merced

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