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Here Now, a Photo Tribute to Danielle Steel's Enormous Hedge

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Prolific romance novel author and Chevalier of the Légion d'Honneur Danielle Steel lives in a public library limestone manse up on Washington Street, but because she doesn't like to draw attention to herself, she has elected to live inside an extremely discrete hedge. The hedge, which, according to press accounts, seems to have preceded Steel's arrival, is a horticultural confection certainly worthy of a home built by sugar tycoon Adolph Spreckels, but on a scale more befitting Willy Wonka. John King calls it comically off-putting. We worship it. This hedge is unending. This hedge is a novel. We're pretty sure that when Borges wrote "The Garden of Forking Paths," he was describing Danielle Steel's hedge. We would very much like to know its square footage (Redfin is no help, only revealing the bathroom count, which is nine.) So we sent our photographer, and remain surprised that it fit in the viewfinder.
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