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What's Up with the CCA Campus Expansion in Potrero Hill?

From the Curbed inbox:

Has there been any news about CCA's campus expansion in Potrero Hill? In May of last year, the California College of the Arts got their institutional master plan approved by the Planning Commission. The plan for the school's Potrero Hill campus calls for more classroom, presentation, and exhibition space; outdoor spaces; and, most critically, housing. All of the housing owned by CCA is currently located in Oakland (though the college currently leases the prefab micro-unit building that developer Patrick Kennedy trucked onto SoMa's Harriet Street). In Potrero, Supervisor Malia Cohen helped push through Art and Design Educational Special Use District legislation last July, which will basically help smooth the permitting process for CCA. So far, the only building permits filed are for maintenance on the existing vacant lots, as well as adding gates and fences. But with the streamlined process in place, this project will hopefully get off the ground soon.

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