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Look Down On Everyone from This House in Clarendon Heights

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While it's hard to beat the stunning glass-hatted Richmond bedroom we were busy ogling yesterday, the views out of this Clarendon Heights bedroom are pretty interesting, too. From the angle of the slope outside the window, it feels like you're being spied on by a giant boulder. This 4-bed, 3-bath, 3,217-square-foot home is pretty much all about windows (and the exterior is nothing special, so you'll pretty much want to view this one from the inside). It's on the market for $2.495M, having last changed hands in 2006 for $1.935M. We like the generous ceilings with contrasting beams, and the skylit stair, and the clerestories spilling light into the main living level. And oh yeah, you can see the whole downtown skyline from the living room. The master bedroom appears to feature a strange smoked-glass changing box that is roomy enough to house a small home gym. Weird. However: there is an actually functioning fireplace!
· 61 Twin Peaks Blvd [Redfin]