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Battle Rages Over Proposed Housing at 16th Street BART

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The proposed construction of 351 new SOM-designed housing units near the Mission's 16th Street BART station is perhaps the most controversial planned development at the moment in a city that is notorious for development turf wars. As soon as Maximus Real Estate Partners announced its intentions for the site at 1979 Mission Street, uproar began. Protesters have rallied against the project, stormed the Maximus offices, and demanded that the property be handed over to the community. The Plaza16 Coalition, which is composed of local businesses and community groups, is leading the charge by insisting that the development is too big and too expensive. Maximus has held more than 100 meetings with community groups so far.

The 10-story building would be located on what is now one of the most crime-ridden intersections in the city and would replace a Walgreens, a Burger King, a bar, a Chinese restaurant, a market, and a parking lot. The site falls within the Eastern Neighborhoods rezoning plan, which allows a building of up to 105 feet in height at 1979 Mission. The development's detractors, however, argue that it would change the community, block the light on a playground located at a school next door, and bring too much luxury housing to the Mission.

Maximus plans to respond with a community benefits package that could include measures such as building a new playground for the school and increasing the number of below-market rate units above the city's required minimum of 12 percent. Negotiations will likely continue until Maximus brings its plans before the Planning Commission, which should happen before the end of the year.

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