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Lily Aldridge Visits SF; TargetExpress Heading to Ingleside; Retail Workers Bill of Rights; More!

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Welcome to On the Racked, where Racked SF editor Robyn Hagan Cain shares the top fashion, beauty and fitness news of the week.

EVERYWHERE—Lily Aldridge announced the Victoria's Secret 2014 What is Sexy List in San Francisco on Tuesday. We're reliving her trip through Instagram.

INGLESIDE—Target wants to open three TargetExpress stores in San Francisco, starting with an Ocean Avenue location in 2015.

INNER SUNSET—Green Apple Books has almost finished moving in with Le Video and totally wants you to stop by on Friday.
SAN FRANCISCO—SF Supervisor Eric Mar is sponsoring a Retail Workers Bill of Rights to protect employees at chain stores from abusive scheduling.

SoMa—No one died at our Barry's Bootcamp Racked Fit Club this week. To celebrate, Barry's is offering a discount to our readers through Thursday night.

EVERYWHERE—Hottest trainer nominations close Friday. Nominate your gym crush. Like, now.

HAYES VALLEY—More summer reading picks! This time, we have a San Francisco-themed selection from Bibliohead Books. And the store needs a new home by December. Any suggestions?

UNION SQUARE—Simon Ungless is not only Academy of Art's "fashion savior," he's also the new Executive Director of the fashion school.