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This Richmond Condo Has Two of the Coolest Bedrooms in SF

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From the outside, this 4-bed Inner Richmond condo on the top two floors of a structure built in 1902 looks unassuming. But on its uppermost level we found two of the most interesting bedrooms in San Francisco. The master boasts an entire half-wall of windows and a half-ceiling of skylights. They flood the room with light, so this setup is really only suitable for a true early bird. The second bedroom is built into a steep A-frame, and an office with similarly slanted walls also features a brick pillar. The top-floor rooms may be oddly shaped and hard to furnish, but they're also much more fun to look at than the home's two more conventional bedrooms. The condo's quirky layout might be responsible for its relatively low asking price of $1.295M, which comes in at only $538 per square. There is also parking for two cars, a renovated kitchen, two decks, and a backyard.
· 248 Sixth Avenue [Redfin]