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Richmond Flip Somehow Adds $299K to Price in Just Two Months

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Most flips in San Francisco involve major renovations that take many months and add hundreds of thousands of dollars to the flipped home's value. 546 24th Avenue in the Richmond is quite a different story. The property was purchased by flippers for $1 million at the end of May. At that time, it was listed as a two-bedroom with 1,350 square feet of living space. A quick renovation has updated the kitchen and one of the bathrooms, added some fresh paint and apparently turned the home into a four-bedroom with 2,482 square feet. However, no new additions are apparent in photographs. Barely two months after it last sold, the property is back on the market for $1.299 million, a $299K price increase.

· 546 24th Avenue, San Francisco, CA [Redfin]