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What's Going On at the Big Apple Grocery Space on Polk?

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From the Curbed inbox:

The Big Apple Discount grocery store at Polk and Clay has been vacant for a while now. They have been working on the inside but I can't tell what is going on. Very mysterious! I heard rumors they are putting condos in. A lot of folks have been asking about Big Apple Grocery, but there seems to be a total void where information would normally be. While there was a categorical exemption filed for the property at 1650 Polk, it just says "facade change and addition of an elevator," with no details about the new tenant. There are no permits filed for change of use, so maybe it'll stay a grocery store? It doesn't look like there are any permits or approvals to build up the property, either, so rumors of condos seem unlikely. Readers, what have you heard?

· Categorical Exemption — 1650 Polk Street [SF Planning]