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Psychedelic New Sculpture Proposed for Masonic Avenue

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Masonic Avenue's redesign has been in the works since 2009, and despite a lack of visible progress on the street, much remains afoot. As with many streetscape projects, the upgrades include eye-catching new public art, which will occupy a prominent place on the triangular plot at Masonic and Geary. So far, the San Francisco Arts Commission has asked three teams of artists to present competing proposals for the site, and while all are worthy of praise, only one will be chosen. The most ambitious proposal, dubbed Masonic Zoom by artists Jenna Didier and Emily White, describes a positively psychedelic sculpture made of a "dense gestural weave of multicolored sheet metal ribbons." When construction wraps up in 2017, the winning artwork will serve as a gateway to the new Masonic Avenue, with its new landscaping, widened sidewalks, and elevated cycle track.
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