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Glen Park Flipper Adds Modern Style and $915K to Price

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This 1980s rancher on Glen Park's Baden Street has been completely overhauled into a sleek, modern home in one of the better flipper remodels that we've seen. Last October, the 3-bed, 3.5-bath house went for $1.08M. At the time, it featured bad carpeting, an outdated kitchen, and an uninviting leaf-covered hot tub. The renovation has given it a totally new look, with a chef's kitchen, an absolutely luxurious master-suite bathroom, and a brand-new, much more welcoming backyard hot tub. There are 2,790 square feet of living space, plus an outdoor terrace and two-car garage. The new $1.995 million price tag is an increase of $915K over last year's purchase price, but at $715 per square is a touch lower than Glen Park's median per square of $725.

· 419 Baden Street [Redfin]