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Sup. Campos Pushes to Save Ladies Home with Zoning Rule

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After the University Mound Ladies Home, a senior assisted-living facility in operation since 1888, sold to the private elementary school Alta Vista earlier this month, eviction notices went out to the residents. Now Supervisor David Campos is making it his mission to "do everything I possibly can until hell freezes over" to stop the evictions and closure of the facility. He's proposed an interim zoning moratorium on institutional changes of use—we'll just think of it as the Ladies Only zone, in honor of the residents—which would prevent the school from operating at the site. The home had been operating under an endowment, but in 2008 started borrowing money to stay afloat. Now the debts prove too weighty, despite an almost $300K offer from the city to stay in business. If the interim zoning controls don't pass today, Campos says he's prepared to file a lawsuit to keep the ladies at home.

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