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This Fougeron Remodel Is Stucco in the Front, Party in the Back

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San Francisco tends to be modern only in small doses, so devotees of steel and glass sometimes find it necessary to sneak it in around back. This 4-bed, 3-bath Mediterranean home on Potrero's North Slope has been through two remodels since the owners purchased it for $1.025M back in 2002. First, in 2007, they hired San Francisco architect Neal Schwartz to add a third-story master suite, which caught the glossy attentions of Dwell. Five years later, the couple traded up and commissioned Anne Fougeron to lighten up the back of the house with a daring zigzag of glass, which caught the even fancier attentions of the New York Times. The Times compared Fougeron's two-story wall of glass to a series of jutting bay windows stacked on top of each other, but we prefer to think of it as a set of glass liberty spikes, not unlike a mullet or a very tasteful rear mohawk. The house is listed for $3,495M, which would be handsome return on the twice-over renovation. If you buy it, you pretty much have to hire Rem to give you one of these and land yourself in Vanity Fair. · Top Notch [Dwell]
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