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Whoever Ruined This Eichler Somehow Wants $1.5M for It

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Right this second, drop everything and look at this quasi-demolished 4-bed, 2-bath Eichler on the market in Diamond Heights. It's bad enough that someone mistreated one of the rare-for-San-Francisco homes developed by midcentury sweetheart Joseph Eichler, who worked with architects like Claude Oakland & Associates and Jones & Emmons. The whole thing is in a sad state of neglect and the kitchen and living room have been demo'd—a state of affairs the brokerbabble refers to as "open concept rooms." Which, OK, maybe, it's still an Eichler after all, but the ask is a whopping $1.449M, a price that, you know, sort of implies an actual house. Not two streets away, a similarly sized Eichler in far better shape sold for $830,000 just two years ago. How exactly do you take a benchmark like that and subtract a floor—it's been stripped down to the concrete slab—and nearly double the price? It gets worse: The flooring circumstance takes most forms of financing off the table, but the listing chirpily suggests that you "bring your contractor and your imagination." Just to underscore how very far this one has fallen, we've put it side by side with a sampling of prelapsarian Eichlers now on the market in the Bay Area.

(↑) 91 Cameo Way in Diamond Heights

(↑) Eichlers on the market in Palo Alto, Walnut Creek, Sunnyvale, Foster City, and San Rafael

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