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Coming Attractions: Alexandria Theater Sells, Housing on Way

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The long-running saga of the abandoned, blighted Alexandria Theater may finally be reaching a turning point with the news that the property has been sold to new owners who have plans for redevelopment. The theater has been closed for more than 10 years and has fallen into disrepair. A development project was approved by the Planning Department last year, but construction never moved forward. Now the new owners plan to get the residential-apartment piece of the plan moving while considering what to do with the theater and commercial parts.

The plans that were approved last year include the construction of a four-story mixed-used building on the parking lot next to the theater with 37 units and 122 underground parking spaces. This is the part of the development that will go ahead first. The main theater was set to become a small movie house, with the New Mission Theater–bound Alamo Drafthouse exploring setting up a second location there. Meanwhile, the new owners inherited some issues with the existing theater's conditional-use permit, so there's all that to resolve. They're talking to the San Francisco Neighborhood Theater Foundation about the viability of a small theater in the space and will research the best uses of the building before making final decisions. Stay tuned.

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