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Fog Be Damned, Here Are the Most Dizzymaking Views in S.F.

Photo via Dylan Pilaar
San Francisco's thigh-busting topography makes for plenty of opportunities to take in views of the city and its surroundings. Here, it's not hard to come across spectacular vistas from the most random of spots. Today's list features the 10 best places to admire the city's beauty—or, yeah, the fog. Some are well known, like Twin Peaks, while others could still be classified as hidden gems. No matter how popular they are with tourists or locals, every place on our list deserves a visit. Have a favorite to nominate? Let us know or drop a hint in the comments.

1) Perched high above Golden Gate Heights, the views from Rocky Outcrop Park are some of the best around. This rugged slice of wilderness in the heart of San Francisco is definitely worth a visit (if you can find it, that is).
2) Grand View Park has views that stretch from the northern end of the downtown core all the way out to to the Coast Range. There's no better place to go for a calorie-burning hike—plus, you can access the hill via the magnificent Moraga tiled steps!
3) Even though you may have to compete with tourists for space at the top, the trails at Twin Peaks have breathtaking views of downtown San Francisco and the bay.
4) Though there isn't any open space at Broadway and Fillmore, the view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the steps at the northeast corner of the intersection is rather jaw slackening.
5) Downtown, the Bay Bridge, and even the towers of the Golden Gate are visible from the summit of Bernal Heights Park.
6) Mount Davidson is the highest peak in San Francisco, which naturally means that the views from the top are some of the most impressive in the city. The hiking trails are more private than the ones at Twin Peaks, and the hilltop vistas are just as worthy!
7) The jagged boulders of Corona Heights Park are impressive in and of themselves, but combine them with views of San Francisco's skyline and you've got the perfect place to explore on a sunny afternoon.
8) Located just south of Cole Valley, Tank Hill Park is a little-known gem with views that rival those at nearby Twin Peaks. The hill is a great place to take in the views of the skyline, and it's never crowded.
9) Head to Kite Hill for a walk, but beware, it's windy! As its name suggests, the constant breeze does make the hill a great place to fly a kite.
10) Billy Goat Hill is a classic San Francisco hilltop park that offers privacy, views, and a superfun rope swing that dangles from a tree. Last we checked, someone had swapped out the seat with a skateboard deck.

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Corona Heights Park

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