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Craigslist's Odd, Terrible and Depressing Outdoor Spaces

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San Francisco rentals with outdoor space are pretty rare, so any place with a spot to barbecue or enjoy a cold summer night should be celebrated, right? That's probably true, but it doesn't mean that all outdoor space is particularly a good space, especially when it's found in a Craigslist listing. We've scoured Craigslist for available houses and apartments with yards, gardens, and patios and found the pickings to be slim and the photos to often be either depressing or just a bit odd. So here now, we bring you ten of the worst outdoor spaces available on Craigslist right this very minute, with the understanding that, yes, anyone who has any outdoor space is undeniably lucky. Our first winner, above, is from an Inner Sunset house and bills itself as "perfect for backyard barbecues and get-togethers," although this concrete paradise looks a little more like a prison yard than a fun social space.

This Nob Hill gem advertises "a private sunny patio with a brand new deck." We're not sure what exactly we would call this space, but we wouldn't be too inclined to hang out there, despite the view of the Transamerica Pyramid.

Yes, this appears to be the extent of the private deck at this apartment in Russian Hill near USF. Plenty of room for... nothing.

Finally, a lovely, leafy backyard in NoPa! However, it comes with a Buddha statue that, according to the listing, weighs two tons and makes this "the perfect place to come home to." If you're into Buddha, awesome. If not, that guy is going to be pretty tough to get rid of.

Over in the Bayview, the white picket fence considered to be one of the selling points of this rental looks like it's seen much better days.

This backyard in Noe Valley isn't terrible, just a little odd. Why is there a random sidewalk running through it? Also, you're not allowed to use it. The apartment's living room and bedroom both overlook this "well-maintained garden for your viewing pleasure only."

This is a shared garden in the Inner Richmond, so chances are the pink plastic flamingo is there to stay.

The Western Addition offers up this one-bedroom with a "tranquil shared rear garden that is perfect for barbecues, cocktails, or a relaxing coffee." There's nothing technically wrong with this place. It's just a bit mulchy. And filled with random stuff.

In the Excelsior, this backyard looks like a pleasant enough place to hang out, but it's made the list due to overselling the space. The ad promises a "spacious shared garden with red rose bushes, white callow lilies and a planter box for growing vegetables." We see a lot of mulch and a few scraggly plants, although that planter box is there.

This Outer Richmond house's listing promises a "nice backyard," which appears to be composed of concrete and dirt. Oh, and one pretty red flower. Nice touch.