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The Tenderloin's Most Expensive Condo Hacks its Price (Again)

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Was: $5.25M
Then: $4.725M
Then: $4.25M
Now: $3,95M
You save: $1.3M The penthouse at the Hamilton on O'Farrell St. has not been able to find a buyer since 2009, despite many price reductions and brief hiatuses from the market to regroup and rethink its plan. It last sold in 2000 for $2.5M, and was plopped back on the market in late 2009 asking $4.5M. At one point it was one of the 25 most expensive homes for sale in San Francisco. The full-floor penthouse has an ideal layout and wonderful architectural details, but real estate's all about location, location, location, which this property sorely lacks when it comes to those willing to shell out $3M+ for a condo. The penthouse clocks in at an impressive 3,879-square-feet and has three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

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Hamilton Condominium

631 O'farrell, San Francisco, CA