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What's Going in at 14th Street and Guerrero in the Mission?

From the Curbed inbox:

What is happening on the corner of 14th and Guerrero? The old laundromat, which used to be on the corner, has been closed for a while, and the lease sign was recently taken down. Any word on what is going in? There's not a ton of info on the property at 498 14th Street, but here's what we could dig up. The building itself is pretty cool. Constructed back in 1907 after the earthquake, it was listed as a "saloon" for many of its early years until Prohibition shut it down. The property had stayed in the same family since 1935 until it was sold in 2012, but has sat vacant since the shuttering of the laundromat (which itself had been there since the 1950s). According to building permits issued just this past month, the space is planned to be transformed into a new barber shop/beauty salon. No word yet on who the tenant is or what the place will look like, but we'll keep you posted.
· Inner Mission North Historic Resource Survey form - 494-498 14th Street [SF Planning]
· Building permit #201405276716 [DBI]