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Forest Hill Home Adds Fresh Paint and $595K in Six Months

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Unlike most San Francisco real estate flips, this huge 4,665 square foot Forest Hill home has not undergone a significant renovation or remodel since it last sold. Instead, the flippers look to have added a few coats of paint and some cosmetic touches. The house struggled to find a buyer last fall when priced at $2.895 million, changing its price and ultimately selling for $2.6 million in December, nearly three months after it first hit the market. Now, after its very light remodel, it's back up for sale for $3.195 million, a $595K increase in six and a half months. It includes an elevator, a roof terrace, 5 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. The new asking price puts the home at $685/square.

· 279 Castaneda Avenue [Redfin]