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This Modest Dolores Heights Home Quietly Sold for $3,368/Sq

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An under-renovation 3-bedroom home on Liberty Street near Sanchez very quietly sold for $7.531 million back in April. It was never publicly listed for sale. The house is 2,236 square feet, which puts the hefty sales price at $3,386 per square. The home last sold back in 2008 for $2.2 million to Noe Valley real estate agent Lamisse Droubi, who said that she was unable to comment on the most recent sale. The house was undergoing a total overhaul when it was sold, but since the sale the remodel has apparently stopped and the home remains a shell. Permits for construction parking appear to not have been updated since February. This house is in a prime location with views and a back garden, but the $7.5 million price tag is absolutely mind-blowing. The buyer is listed only as Leeks LLC.

· 414 Liberty Street [Redfin]