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SPUR's Plans for Ocean Beach Get Refined and Rendered

[rendering via SPUR]
Over the past few years, sections of Ocean Beach have been rendered completely unusable due to erosion along the cliffs under the Great Highway. SPUR has responded by coming up with a comprehensive master plan for the area, which is now being refined and improved thanks to community input. The plan's long-term recommendations still include closing the great highway to cars after Sloat Boulevard, and transforming the road in to a pedestrian pathway. The project, rendered above, would also include beach restoration and nourishment. Near-term improvements, slated to be implemented over the next three storm seasons, include removing concrete from the parking lots near the eroded bluffs, placing sandbags to stabilize the cliffs, and consolidating rubble on the beach to form "an erosion-resistant slope." The features proposed in the Master Plan, along with other ideas like the proposed Ocean Beach Skate Park, will no doubt transform San Francisco's Pacific coastline in to an even more welcoming and beautiful place.
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