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This Glen Park Flip Added $1.6M to its Price in Under Two Years

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Less than two years ago, a Glen Park fixer-upper with one side connected to the house next door went on the market for $849,000. Its main attractions were east-facing views that took in the Bay Bridge and the opportunity to build something new. The property sold for $1.1 million in less than three weeks and then relisted in early May after undergoing a complete overhaul. There are now walk-out glass decks from which to enjoy the views, a master bedroom suite and custom glass doors. It actually has fewer bedrooms than the old layout, going from five to four, but there has been a big increase in the number of bathrooms from 1.5 to 3.5. The main draw is still the views, and the renovated house has been designed to show them off at every turn. The home went back on the market for $2.399 million and quickly sold for $2.703 million, a price jump of $1.603 million in twenty months.

· 101 Miguel Street [Redfin]