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Totally Remodeled Twin Peaks Flip Drops its Price Twice

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When a newly remodeled Twin Peaks home with a complicated past hit the market back in late March, it was asking $2.95 million. Now, after two price reductions, the ask is down to $2.695 million, a $300,000 total reduction. Before the property's renovation it also had a tough time selling and listed, delisted and changed its price more than a dozen times before finally being foreclosed upon. The 4-bed, 3,000 square-foot house is now totally modern with all the luxurious touches a buyer could ask for, including a wrap-around deck with views and a climate-controlled wine storage room. However, as Curbed pointed out way back before the renovations, it's on an odd, curvy corner and has a noisy bus stop right outside. · Twin Peaks Flip Adds $1.8M After Total Renovation [Curbed SF]
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