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Voice Your Opinion on the Massive Moscone Expansion EIR

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Tomorrow the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the Environmental Impact Report for the Moscone Center Expansion. As you recall, the project will increase the convention center's square footage by almost 20% with new 95' tall construction on both sides of Howard Street, excavation below the exhibition halls, and two new pedestrian bridges. The first draft of the massive 700-page EIR is all set and ready for public comment, which we're sure will come in spades. The document calls out potentially significant effects in the areas of transportation and circulation (pedestrian movement on sidewalks) and shadows (on nearby open space). If you have any opinions on the document (not the project itself, that'll come along at a later hearing), head to the commission hearing on Thursday or submit written comments by June 16. · Draft EIR for Moscone Expansion (pdf) [SF Planning]
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