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Narrow New Eureka Valley Home On the Market for $2.995M

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Just a little over two years ago, a narrow 1,724 square foot lot at the top of Kite Hill in Eureka Valley sold for just $325,000, well below its asking price of $399,950. The little lot had been deserted since 1984, when the owner demolished a previous house there and never rebuilt. Now, a brand new, very modern and surprisingly spacious home has been built on the land and is for sale for $2.995 million. The arrangement of the house is a bit odd, with one of the two master suites on the lower level and irregularly-shaped family and living rooms. However, squeezed creatively into the space are 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and a garage that fits 3 cars. There's a roof deck with views across the nearby hills and a small backyard. · Kite Hill House [Official Site]