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Next Block in Hunters View Development Ready to Go

The Hunters View redevelopment project has been moving along since its approvals back in 2008, as the massive undertaking is being rolled out in phases. As you recall, the whole project will demo exiting housing for a total of 800 new units, 6,400 sq.ft. of resident-serving commercial uses, 21,600 sq.ft. of residential care and other supportive services, along with new streets, parks, and other open space. Phase I is done, but today the Planning Commission will get an informational presentation on Block 10 as part of Phase II, a five-story mixed-use building that will be located at the intersection of the planned Fairfax and Ironwood Streets. The design by Paulett Taggart Architects and David Baker + Partners has 72 units of public housing (40 1BRs and 32 3BRs), and is envisioned as the center of resident activity, with mixed-income daycare facility, community center, leasing office, and retail space. Conditions for approval included a "design-for-development" concept that requred later phases of the project to come before the Planning Commission to ensure compliance, but the commission won't actually be voting on anything quite yet. · Hunters View Block 10 informational presentation [SF Planning]
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