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Dolores Heights Home Can't Find a Buyer, Drops Price $801K

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The Dolores Heights/Eureka Valley neighborhood is one of the most sought-after in the city, where half-renovated houses snag $7 million unsolicited offers. But this four-bed, 2,300 square-foot home on Hill Street near Noe has been languishing on the market since March and just took its second price chop. Last time it was only a $300,000 cut from the initial $3.199 million ask, but last week the home brought its price down another $501K to $2.398 million. That still brings it in above the $1,000 per square mark at $1,043 per square foot. The home is lacking the views of some of its Dolores Heights neighbors, and the interior, while very livable, could use some stylistic improvements. So will under $2.4 million be the magical selling number for this house? · This Modest Dolores Heights Home Quietly Sold for $3,386/Sq [Curbed SF]
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