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Two Noe Valley Homes on One Lot Flip for Nearly $3M Gain

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Back in September 2012, two little houses on one prime Noe Valley lot on Chattanooga Street sold for $750,000 and $450,000, both in cash. The rundown homes were overgrown with flowers and lemon trees. A little more than a year and a half later, the properties reemerged as sleek modern abodes with designer finishes throughout. The sprawling vegetation has been replaced with a tidily landscaped garden out back and the prices have gone way, way up. 212 Chattanooga, the larger of the two, has three levels, 3.5 bathrooms and parking for two cars. The "Smartcottage" out back is 212A Chattanooga, complete with solar power and a Vespa parking pad. The properties were offered for sale separately or as a "compound," and it looks as though they sold separately. The main house went for $2.495 million, a $1.745 million gain in price, while the cottage brought in $1.695 million, a $1.245 million jump. That means that, all up, the properties increased their prices by $2.99 million combined in under two years. Main House:


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