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Renderings Released for the Hayes Valley Parcel T Condos

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Parcel T, the slice of land in Hayes Valley that was awarded last week to Linden Partners for development, is set to become a four-story building with 26 residential units. Edmonds + Lee is the architect attached to the project, and they have released numerous renderings of the future building. The design's facade "directly references the tradition of the Victorian Bay Window," but rather than just replicating it, creates "an abstracted composition of three-dimensional, articulated bays." The modular facade will also act as a passive solar shading device for the western sun. Expect units to be small to make the best use of the space. The "living room for the neighborhood" on the ground floor that Joe McMillan, Chairman and CEO of co-developer DDG told us about last week, appears to be a big, airy indoor beer hall. · Hayes Valley Parcels Along Octavia Awarded to Developers [Curbed SF]
· Parcel T [Edmonds + Lee]