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McCoppin Hub Adds Tropical Flare to SoMa West

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Construction started on McCoppin Hub a few months back, and much progress has been made since shovels first hit the ground. The space has been decked out with new light posts that match those on nearby Octavia Boulevard, and two rows of lush new palm trees now frame the future lawn and seating areas. The trees don't exactly give the space a Honolulu beach day vibe, but they definitely add some visual excitement to what was once a depressing, grey dead-end. Construction fences should come down from around the site by the end of the Summer, and food trucks will roll in shortly thereafter. San Franciscans may actually feel like they're somewhere tropical once September rolls around and temperatures begin to climb.
· McCoppin Hub To Enliven Drab Dead End in SoMa West [Curbed SF]