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Sought-After Fixer Upper Can't Find a Buyer After Remodel

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In March 2013, 430 Noriega was one of the most sought-over properties of the month in San Francisco. The odd-looking house on a hill had been in the same family for more than 100 years and came with floral wallpaper and orange carpet. It listed for $1.3 million. Selling along with two adjacent lots on 12th Avenue, the house was in contract in ten days and had a final purchase price of $2.025 million. Now, it is back up for sale after undergoing a major makeover. It's being marketed as "the perfect Noe Valley alternative," and despite its compact facade offers 3,794 square feet of living space. There's now a sauna and spa, a wine cellar and a library. The house went back on the market in April asking $2.895 million, but couldn't find a buyer and has now chopped its price down to $2.595 million.