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What's Up With the Redevelopment of the Alexandria Theater?

Last year, we brought you news that the long-blighted Alexandria Theater in the Richmond had been approved for redevelopment plans that included ground floor retail, a restaurant, a small movie theater and the construction of a four-story, 37-unit mixed-use building. However, since that time, the corner has remained vacant with no signs of construction moving forward. The theater along with its approved plans has shown up for sale on several websites. One of the conditions of the plans' approval was increased security and protection of the theater's historic architectural elements, and city officials recently toured the theater to determine if that condition was being met.

Since the start of the year, the building, which has been abandoned for ten years, has fallen into a continually worse state. The front doors were smashed and the words "le poop" were scrawled across the building's roof. The Egyptian-themed theater was built back in 1923 and with the approval of the redevelopment plans came assurances that features and details such as the historic art deco murals inside would be protected from vandalism until construction began. The Planning Department is now considering taking action against the theaters owners, which could involve either revoking or amending their conditional use permit or reducing the value of the property.

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