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Inside the Light-Up Offices of Design Agency LUNAR

Every morning, when employees walk into the offices of product design agency LUNAR, their office literally lights up to greet them as they travel through its entryway. The office has a customized light tunnel that creates one light pattern when people walk in to the office and another for those walking out. The building that houses the office was first constructed in 1907 and, as a cornice factory, helped rebuild the city. The dome for City Hall was even built there. Many of the factory elements remain, although the space is now used as a "creativity factory" instead of one that creates cornices. The offices include a materials library where designers come for inspiration, a muse wall where all employees are pictured with their favorite muse, and a big kitchen space. The team also conducted a design project in their own office and found that employees had four distinct preferred working styles: standing, perching, sitting or lounging. LUNAR subsequently built four small meeting rooms for staff, one to represent each of these styles. · LUNAR