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Stunning Lower Pac Heights Condo in an Attic Lists for $799k

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From the outside, this Lower Pac Heights building looks like many others in the neighborhood. But on the top floors, a lofty two-bedroom condo is tucked away. The condo makes use of its oddly-shaped spaces by exposing the beams and vaulted ceilings of the structure to create a one-of-a-kind living space. There are huge windows and skylights to match the bright, white character of the home. A steep wooden ladder leads to the upstairs mezzanine space, which has even more exposed beams and skylights as well as spectacular views. At 1,279 square feet, all of them interesting, and a $799,000 ask, the condo is only looking for $625 per square. One major down side is the lack of any parking, although the sellers will pay for a leased space for a year. · 2172 Pine Street #3 [Redfin]