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This House in Bayview Just Sold for $316K Over Asking

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Until now, the Bayview has remained largely immune from San Francisco's bidding war trend that has led to properties selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars over asking. But last week this two-bed, one-bath house on Innes Avenue near Third Street sold for $915,479, which was more than $316K over its initial asking price of $599,000. The home last changed hands back in 2007 for $565,000 and has been given a significant makeover since then, so the asking price was, as with many over asking sales, set way too low in hopes of inciting a bidding war. It has views from the bedrooms and a lovely backyard complete with detached office. It's also around the corner from Flora Grubb Park.
· 1574 Innes Avenue [Redfin]