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Those $8,950/Month 3-Bed Rentals Are Still Available at NEMA

When NEMA's North Tower started leasing a few months ago, the available apartments ranged from 1,752 square-foot three-bed, three-bath apartments for $8,950/month down to studios that started at $3,394/month. Fast forward to today, and all of those studios have been leased, but the three-beds are still available and brokers are being offered a $5,000 bonus to find renters for them. Currently available one-beds go for $3,897 to $4,300/month and offer between 761 and 879 square feet of living space, while two beds that are still open have price tags between $5,339 and $6,189/month and offer between 1,239 and 1,483 square feet. Renters will have access to the building's outdoor saline pool and 11,000 square foot gym for free, but will have to pay an additional $300 every month to snag a valet parking spot. · A Three-Bedroom at NEMA Will Cost You $8,950 A Month [Curbed SF]


1401 Market St, San Francisco, CA